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Catarina Olausson Void Signal

Catarina Olausson, Swedish commando of concert photography chats with me about my recent trip to Mechanismus, her recent photoshoot at Lollapalooza, music, festivals, festival life, photography, more music, the pursuit of passion, audience consideration, and more.Featured Songs:-Tukt – Sense of Decency-Emmon – Like a Drum-The Gothsicles – Drop Dead Squid Face-Kite – Jonny Boy-HEALTH & Pertubator – EXCESS-Kontravoid – Turn AwayVoid Signal Intro/Outro courtesy of System Syn/Ratio Strain.Cover photo courtesy of Catarina Olausson.Visit or for more Catarina Olausson.Visit for more Void Signal and Void Signal Radio, or for Void Signal HQ and for thoughtfully designed Void-items.
  1. Catarina Olausson
  2. Crosstalk Anniversary with ESA / BARA HARI
  3. Ken Roberts & Josie Pace
  4. Sapphira Vee
  5. Kaine Delay – Left Spine Down / Scrapyard Radio
  6. Black Nail Cabaret
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music from the void
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